I wholeheartedly support your effort to create these spirit boxes for “The Rise of The Fallen” and am very grateful to you for taking on such a heartfelt difficult project. I hope these “spirit boxes” will bring peace and closure to other families of the fallen. I know it has helped me on my journey to healing.
Peg O’Donnell
Gold Star Mother of Lance Cpl. Shane K. O’Donnell KIA November 8, 2004

His design is a simple concept, yet it makes a bold statement that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Afterwards in our discussion we unanimously agreed that the memorial should be built.
Patrick A. Nowlin
Senior Vice Commander, Post #328

Our feeling is that you have developed a concept that will tastefully honor our fallen comrades.
Jim Kurtz
Veterans of Foreign Wars
VFW Post #8216

Having read about your plans to create a permanent art exhibit that honors those noble individuals who have sacrificed their lives in Iraq in the ongoing conflict there, I must offer my support. Whether or not one believes in the efficacy of our endeavors in that most ancient land, it seems obvious to me that any effort to memorialize those brave souls who paid the ultimate price unquestioningly in response to a request from this country’s leadership, is more that worthy. I salute your efforts.
Gene J. Ferrara
U.S. Army active duty 8/25/69-3/15-71

I’m writing this letter in support and encouragement for your upcoming memorial exhibit honoring those who have served and given their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. This project is both unique and extremely moving. With centuries of wars behind us a nation and in our world, we often see memorials in the form of statues or names on a permanent object. While those forms of memorials and tributes are powerful, honorable, and enduring, there is something almost impersonal about them. This is someone’s son or daughter, mother or father, husband or wife, sister or brother-not nameless faces or faceless names. They are human beings who answered a call to serve their country and gave the ultimate sacrifice regardless of their own personal or political beliefs and they deserve every ounce of memory we have to give them.
Jessie R. S. Cain
U.S. Army active duty 1997-2002

Everyone I have talked to and shown them the pamphlet you gave me agree it is a great memorial.
Dennis Frappier
Commander of VFW Post #8483
Truax-Longmire VFW Post #8483

I am a US Army Veteran. I spent six months in Iraq in 2003 and although and fortunately I did not lose any friends or coworkers during that time; I know a lot of people did and have since. I think that Andre Ferrella’s proposed memorial is an excellent idea.
Corey Morris Cook
Specialist/E-4 United States Army
4th Infantry Division, 124th Signal Battallion, Fort Hood Texas